Charlotte Shane • 05/25/16

I’d gotten Don off sporadically over the phone for a year before we met on the 8th floor of Saks in the Louboutin section, at his suggestion. He’s a tall, round man. Bald.

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Natasha Stagg • 04/25/16

an excerpt from Surveys

Looking at the printed tabloids, I barely recognized most of the people. They were daughters of famous actresses, or famous actresses who no longer look like themselves. I was in the same sphere but luckily not what it was made up of, since no one who read those cared about my rivalry.

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sarahfonseca • 03/21/16

“I had rather been a meteor, than a star in a crowd.”

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Karolina Waclawiak • 03/16/16

Karolina Waclawiak is the author of Emily Books pick How To Get Into The Twin Palms and, most recently, the awesome and acclaimed new novel The Invaders.  We thought she’d be the perfect person to interview two-time Emily Books featured author Paula Bomer about her latest book, the collection Inside Madeleine. And she was!!

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Lucy Scholes • 03/08/16

In many ways, Comyns’s biography does read like the stuff of fiction.

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Ruth Curry • 02/29/16

Problems will be released in print by Emily Books in collaboration with Coffee House Press on July 5, 2016.  Preorder a copy here or here!  

Girls meets Trainspotting: Problems is a bold and witty novel about a part-time heroin user and her increasingly full-time problems.

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Emily Books Staff • 02/26/16

Psssshhhhhht. I ducked as a jet of fine mist shot towards my face from the automatic air freshener on the medicine cabinet. I shook the remaining water off my hands and stepped to the other side of the bathroom.

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Ruth Curry • 02/03/16

MAGGIE IMMEDIATELY LOVED ANYA LANDER, HER ANTHROPOLOGY PROFESSOR AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, LIKE MANY STUDENTS DID. This was the first most important thing that happened to her at college. It was, in a way, her first chance in life.

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Ruth Curry • 01/29/16

Check out their conversation here!

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Emily Gould • 01/05/16

Our Spoons was Barbara Comyns’s second published novel. Her first, Sisters by a River, also drew on her remarkable early life experiences, describing a largely unsupervised childhood taking place in the first decade of the twentieth century in a crumbling estate on the River Avon.

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