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Miranda Popkey • 03/21/12

“I guess I felt—and now feel—as though I was 19 when I wrote it,” Renata Adler said of her first novel Speedboat. “And maybe still am. And by Pitch Dark, I was maybe 19-and-a-half.”

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Miranda Popkey • 12/21/11

I didn’t expect to recognize myself in a short story collection that centers on an HIV-positive ex-heroin addict who moves to Minnesota to get her body clean and her life in order. I own a lot of skirts that hit below the knee and the only thing I’ve ever really been addicted to is other people’s approval. Emily Carter knows what it’s like, whatever “it” is.

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Miranda Popkey • 10/12/11

For one year, immediately after graduating from college, I taught English to high school sophomores in South Texas. My inexperience with classroom management often resulted in—among many other disasters, large and small—discussions that veered wildly off topic. The school, and the larger community, was majority Hispanic; in fact, reviewing my students’ standardized test results from the previous year, I realized that only two had identified themselves as solely “Caucasian.” And so perhaps it was not surprising that one of those two students eventually brought up the topic of “reverse-racism.”

I don’t remember what my lesson plan that day was to have been; in any case, it was immediately discarded in favor of a discussion about structural inequality.

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