Prostitute Laundry

Charlotte Shane

This cult hit, backed into existence by its many fans, is now available as an ebook exclusively from Emily Books!

In early 2014, writer and sex worker Charlotte Shane started an email newsletter sharing her musings on love, work, sex, money, and their complicated intersections. As the months went by, her readership grew to over 4,500 fans waiting eagerly for her next meditation, and we were two of them. Intense, thoughtful, erotic, heartbreaking, mundane, erudite, sad, triumphant — often simultaneously — these letters, collected in book form for the first time, chart the unraveling and creation of an identity in flux.

You may purchase this book directly from Tiger Bee Press.


About the Author

Charlotte Shane


Charlotte Shane is a pseudonym but she sometimes goes by Charo anyway. Her writing has appeared in Matter, The Hairpin, Deadspin, Salon, The New Inquiry, and Bookforum, among others. She tweets @CharoShane.

"I sell many things but my orgasm cannot be bought. . . Everybody needs to have something that matters to them. This lets me be private but not alone. Powerful and not challenged. Full and away, drawn inside myself and then released, with the sensation then gone."

from Prostitute Laundry by Charlotte Shane