Her 37th Year: An Index

Suzanne Scanlon

Using the form of an alphabetical index with entries like “DEATH” “DESIRE” “DESPAIR” “DREAMS” “DRESS” “DURAS, MARGUERITE” “DUBOIS, BLANCHE,” (and that’s just “d”), Suzanne Scanlon tells the story of a life-altering love affair. Fans of Jenny Ofill’s Dept. of Speculation will feel right at home here; though the books are very different, they share a similar tense, sparing and judicious use of language, and even a similar mood, and a similar cumulative effect of emotional devastation. Enjoy!!

“Its structure is brilliant, an archive of longing both poetic and precise; a love-letter to language. I still feel hypnotized.” — Megan Sielstra.

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About the Author

Suzanne Scanlon


Suzanne Scanlon is an actress and writer in Chicago, and Promising Young Women is her first book.

"REAL,THE (see also: Crazy), Something else the man in boots has admired, reading you: he wants to understand how you managed to create a 'crazy sounding' voice without 'really' sounding crazy."

-Suzanne Scanlon, Her 37th Year: An Index