Ariana Reines

Dirty and full of alchemy and dark magic, sex and unrequited love and requited hate and also self-hatred and self-love, Ariana Reines’ messages and incantations have the permanence of all great art and catchy radio jingles: they seem always to have existed.  Whether the “I” in these poems is cleaning her room, traversing a desert in her mind, giving a blow job, watching a terrible movie or thinking about God, death, Shakespeare or Haiti, she is always riveting and always saying something new.


You may purchase this book (originally published by Fence) via Small Press Distribution. 

About the Author

Ariana Reines


Ariana Reines is the author of three books of poetry, a play and several translations. She has taught at Columbia and UC Berkeley.

"We were never

Of means but
we managed

To be poisoned by
our thoughts

And still do things
all day."

-Ariana Reines, “The Perforator God” from Mercury