The Compleat Purge

Trisha Low

Meet Trisha Low, “just another feminist, confessional writer trying to find a good way to deal with all her literary dads.” To do so, she’s compiled a collection of unconsummated suicide notes and wills, one for every year of her life, beginning at age 7. As the years wear on and her lists of bequests grows more complex, the text morphs into another form entirely. Many other forms. Lists, diary entries, spells, texts, chat transcripts, letters, stories and dreams are just some of what make this purge so “compleat.” At the end of it, we’re left with a collaged portrait of a psyche in varying states of crisis, a personal document from a writer who never loses her sense of humor, even when she’s contemplating death.

“Never mind if this booty was shoplifted; it is stunning.” – Barbara Browning


About the Author

Trisha Low


Poet Trisha Low is the author of The Compleat Purge (2013), and her work was featured in the anthology Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing (2011).

"Have you ever had your heart broken? It’s something that instills a great sense of dread, and it colours everything that happens afterwards in an endless, linear, slow motion. And I hate linearity. It bores everyone."

-Trisha Low, The Compleat Purge