Imogen Binnie

Maria Griffiths is almost 30 and works at a used bookstore in New York City. She’s in love with her bike, but not with her girlfriend Steph. She takes random pills and drinks more than is good for her, but doesn’t inject anything except, periodically, estrogen, because she’s trans. Ever since she’s gotten to the point where strangers take her gender for granted, she’s been coasting, ignoring how distant she feels from her body and her emotions because it’s easier to just not deal. But when she and Steph break up for good it sends her into a tailspin, and then onto a cross-country trek. On the way she meets someone who reminds her of a younger version of herself and finds herself in the awkward position of trans role model. But will Maria be her new friend’s savior and fairy godmother, or his downfall?



About the Author

Imogen Binnie


Imogen Binnie writes a monthly column for Maximum Rocknroll magazine and blogs at Nevada is her first novel.

"Eventually you can’t help but figure out that, while gender is a construct, so is a traffic light, and if you ignore either of them, you get hit by cars. Which, also, are constructs."

-Imogen Binnie, Nevada