Yokohama Threeway

Beth Lisick

Beth Lisick is the undisputed master of the small, strange personal story, but in this collection she transcends punchlines and gets real. Yokohama Threeway is a lot weirder and, we think, even awesomer than her earlier collections of funny anecdotes. Lisick has a knack for telling a story quickly and then getting out, just stopping, before drawing any fake-profound conclusions. Shitty jobs, the Bay Area’s influx of rich assholes, Stephen Elliot, the humiliations of childhood,  an alcoholic coworker, the ex-boyfriend who wanted to teach her how to wash her ass properly – no one is spared in these subtle, perfectly rendered, hilarious and true snapshots of the artist’s life.

“This book is fucking great.” –Kathleen Hanna


You may purchase this book directly from City Lights. 

About the Author

Beth Lisick


Beth Lisick is a writer and actor. She is the author of five books and has appeared in films screened at Cannes, Sundance, and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

"Sometimes it’s fun to know no one at a party — some other high school’s kegger or an asshole’s blowout in a posh hotel — but a casual champagne engagement brunch in someone’s apartment on a Sunday morning isn't one of them. "

-Beth Lisick, “Engagement Party” from Yokohama Threeway