The Terrible Girls

Rebecca Brown

Welcome to The Terrible Girls, where ex-lovers never leave and all packages must be treated with extreme suspicion. This collection of linked stories has much in common stylistically with the work of Lydia Davis and Diane Williams, but its mesmerizing combination of dread, heartbreak, and gallows humor is all its own.

In one of these stories, an amputated limb, bronzed and hung above the mantel, serves as a token of loyalty. In another, a colorful candy heart is mercilessly ripped from the chest of a former flame. These stories describe a dystopia where love is vicious and betrayal is imminent. In this world, girls have no choice but to be ruthless. Though surreal and dreamlike and fantastical, it also might be…the real world we all inhabit!

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About the Author

Rebecca Brown


Rebecca Brown has written 12 books. Her novel, The Gifts of the Body, is one of the best and saddest books we’ve ever read. It won the Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction in 1995.

"The gangs of girls marched into where we lived like they were welcome. (And, to be fair, they had been once…) They knew from how they’d known us then where we kept what was dear to us. They knew where we hid our special secrets. "

-Rebecca Brown, “The Ruined City” from The Terrible Girls