No More Nice Girls

Ellen Willis

Do you believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe? Ellen Willis sure did. This collection of essays about feminism, identity politics, drugs and sex is funny, mind-altering reading that’s even more relevant than it was when it was published. Willis, a writer and activist who wrote for the New Yorker and the Village Voice, was best known for her music criticism. This collection of her cultural criticism is available here for the first time as an ebook. Warning: reading it might change your life!

You can purchase this title directly from the University of Minnesota Press.

About the Author

Ellen Willis


Ellen Willis was an American left-wing political essayist, journalist, activist, feminist, and pop music critic.

"I’m a political person, a political radical. I believe that the struggle for freedom, pleasure, transcendence is not just an individual matter. The social system that organizes our lives, and as far as possible channels our desire, is antagonistic to that struggle; to change this requires collective effort. "

-Ellen Willis, “Coming Down Again” from No More Nice Girls