Samantha Irby

“Amazingly crass, defiant, witty, terrifying, and wondrous,” says Booklist, and we completely agree: Samantha Irby is the real thing, a voice you’ve never heard before. Irby has long been known as a comedian and the ribald host of the ongoing party also known as the blog Bitches Gotta Eat. But now she’s also the author of this book of essays, in which she details the comedy and the horror of having a body, having parents, having sex, working, and every other aspect of being human. Mingling disgust and delight and pathos and tragedy is her specialty, as is an utter devotion to frankness, especially about race and sex. She’s never gratuitously out to shock, but she’s shocking because of how rarely anyone is as honest as she dares to be.

Long story short, we love Samantha Irby.

Meaty was originally published by Curbside Splendor in 2013. 

About the Author

Samantha Irby


Meaty is Samantha Irby’s first book. She lives in Michigan. We Are Never Meeting In Real Life will be published in May 2017 by Vintage and she is at work on a TV show, for which we cannot wait.

"At the end of every sexual relationship I never cry because I save my tears for shit like dog food commercials and reality television singing competitions, but I always want to because “that dude seemed cool with all my weird moles and dark fleshy patches and holy shit I can never show this wretched body to anyone ever again.”"

-Samantha Irby, “Forest Whitaker’s Neck” from Meaty