Glory Goes and Gets Some

Emily Carter

These stories follow our heroine Glory from a privileged but horrible Upper East Side childhood to the East Village and heroin addiction to rehab in Minnesota and HIV diagnosis. In Minneapolis, Glory discovers the boring-slash-transcendent everyday life that’s her reward for surviving being herself long enough to make it to adulthood. Based on that description you might not think this book is going to be very funny, but this book is hilarious.

I don’t mean “wry” or “witty,” I mean it will make you involuntarily guffaw in many separate instances. Addiction and recovery has its own section in the bookstore, I know, but suspend your jadedness. Carter’s idiosyncratic voice and natural storyteller’s instincts make her take on these topics unique. You will be surprised at how many more-famous books seem like a pale imitation of this one.

You may purchase this book directly from Coffee House Press.

About the Author

Emily Carter


Emily Carter is the author of Glory Goes and Gets Some. Her work has received many awards and fellowships, including the Loft/McKnight Award, a Bush Grant, and a National Magazine Award.

"If there’s one quality I hate in a woman, it’s modesty. Besides making me, with my trombone mouth, feel vaguely uncouth, I think it’s a chickenshit response to the demands of the marketplace, or the universe, not that I can tell them apart."

-Emily Carter, Glory Goes and Gets Some