Apocalypse Baby

Virginie Despentes

Hey, are you in the mood for “an addictive feminist thriller that reads like shameless gossip from your best friend?”*

Good, because do we have a book for you.

You might know Virginie Despentes from her blistering collection King Kong Theory (also available as an Emily Book!), the essays that upended the conventional wisdom about rape, sex work and femininity. This book explores some of the same ideas, except in the framework of a classic detective novel. In Apocalypse Baby, an unforgettable lesbian private eye called The Hyena and a younger detective who starts out too cool to care follow the trail of a missing girl who might just have a fate larger than her own resting on her shoulders.

*- Johanna Fateman



You may purchase this book directly from Feminist Press.

About the Author

Virginie Despentes


Virginie Despentes was born in Paris and now lives in Barcelona. Her recent biographical, nonfiction work, King Kong Theory has also been translated into English, and recounts her experiences working within the French sex industry, and attendant infamy and praise associated with the aforementioned Baise-Moi.

"The Hyena is exactly what Elisabeth had been expecting: a brazen invertebrate, the worst kind of person this age has produced. Abject beings, flaunting their lack of grace, and proud to live like animals. One doesn't even think of Satan on seeing her approach: he would choose a more impressive shape. Not this long, slim, flexible body, stupidly pleased with itself."

-Virginie Despentes, Apocalypse Baby